WHAT I EAT IN A SUMMER DAY: Easy & Healthy Meals | Maggie MacDonald


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Mom’s BBB Recipe
1/2 cup cooked quinoa or rice
1 tsp olive oil
1/2 red onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic, minces
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1 (15 oz) can black beans, drained and rinsed
2 tbsp tomato paste
1 large egg
2/3 cup frozen corn
1/2 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
1 chipotle pepper in adobo, minced
2 tsp ground cumin
1/2 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup oat flour, or any flour

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  1. Katie Favaedi says

    Emma’s salad recipe? Cause ya girl wants to recreate that whole entire meal 😋🔥

  2. Abby Girouard says

    Best vegan bagels are at Bagel Time in Worcester! They sell amazing vegan cream cheese, not sure if all bagels are gluten free though

  3. Sophia Peck says

    Nirvana in Barnstable makes amazing gf bagels!!

  4. Emily Hickok says

    where is your wallpaper from your phone????

  5. Michelle Ducharme says

    Ugh everything looks so good 🤤 I love your WIEIAD videos for inspo since I eat exactly the same (plant based and dairy free but recently started to incorporate fish and eggs). I feel the best I ever have eating this way!

  6. Nancy Rivera says

    Where are your dangly earrings from ? 😍

  7. Lexy Leigh says

    You should check out cutco knives. A little pricey but they will sharpen them for life and when the knife cant be sharpened anymore.. they replace with a new one for free. Lifetime guarantee

  8. Rory Moore says

    do the salad recipe!! please

  9. Olivia Howells says

    where do you buy your cacao nibs? you have so much of them haha

  10. Grace Burford says

    Hey Maggie 👋 I'm so happy that you love the 7 Virtues vanilla woods 💖 one of my friends would wear that last winter and I realized it made my mood better smelling it…. so I decided to get it too. Then I tried more of the brand and fell-in-love with Blackberry Lily too! If you get to Sephora ( not sure) they might have the sampler of the line! P.S. love the breakfast idea!

  11. tviktoria26 says

    maggie! not sure if you know this but real feta is actually made from goat milk (goats only have 1 stomach while cows have several) and it's really good for you. there's been many studies that show that even lactose intolerant people have no issues w goat milk. I eat dairy free except for goat milk products 🙂

  12. kbaby 666 says

    trader joe’s has gluten free bagels ❤️

  13. Hannah Meaney says

    Are you celiac? I see so many people go gluten free and was wondering why? Have you noticed cutting out gluten you feel better? Thinking of trying it soon to see if I’m sensitive to it 🙂 that and dairy!!

  14. Carly Morton says

    The shots in this were so good! Great work Mags 😍🙌 love seeing a what I eat in a day vid xx

  15. Anorexia Recovery says

    I love your what ı eat in a DAY 😍😍please share more what ı eat in a DAY

  16. Samra Sarajlic says

    Was that bun gluten free? I’m allergic to gluten and have not been able to find any

  17. Bailey Evin says

    A good knife really is crucial!! Ps. V v small YouTuber trying to reach my mini goal of 170 subs 🍓🥺

  18. Anamaria Delgado says

    Can you post Emma’s salad recipe?

  19. Maggie Love says

    please do another what i eat in a day, I love those videos so much and you really inspire me❤️

  20. Maggie Branch says

    Hey Maggie

  21. Carolyn says

    loved this!

  22. Emma Bauer says

    You mentioned you are seeing a dietitian, it would be interesting to hear what you've learned and how you're implementing it into your diet 🙂

  23. Sophie Kurz says

    highly rec violette bakers in cambridge idk if they have bagels but their stuff is all gf and it’s a local business!

  24. shelby fabiano says

    You can make gf everything bagels! So easy and yummy

  25. Madeline Makoul says

    would love for you to do these more often! also would love to see your full week schedule for workouts

  26. Kirsten S says

    I think Deland has good gluten free bagels. I get them in the frozen section of Whole Foods or wegmans

  27. Nora Linssen says

    rosenfelds makes whole wheat ones

  28. Lauren Brush says

    Can you post your smoothie recipe?! Looks soon yummy

  29. Zoe Vernick says

    Iggy's bakery in Cambridge. THE BEST. They are the bread that bluestone lane uses in harvard square!

  30. Chandler Hyde says

    I'm in Boston, check out jennifer lee's allergen free bakery for gluten free bagels and other baked goods. She has a stand in Boston public market and also delivers. She makes a ton of allergen free food!

  31. Amy Nicholls says

    You are so cute. Honestly a much younger version of me, how you operate. Love the routines, health and downtime and complete productivity.

  32. Adva Cohen says

    All the meals look really delices can't wait to try them 😋😍 Thank you for sharing
    😘I really like the top you're wearing in that video can you tell me where is it from?
    👚love you😘❤️💗

  33. 잇츠브이 It's v says

    저는 한국에 살지만 저도 한번 따라해 봐야겟네요 ^^

  34. Charissa Fawn says

    You look stunning in that thumbnail 😍😍

  35. The beauty Shell says

    That’s so good, what is in the salad?

  36. Millie Deb says

    new jewelry pieces vid pls

  37. Mars says

    Im getting a new place soon and I’ve been on Pinterest and i came to the realization that i just want it to look like Maggie’s apt😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  38. Kimiscloset says

    YUM everything you made looked so good!

  39. I HATE Suker slym says

    Don’t u ever eat baked beans , there’s so nice!

  40. Isabel Adigun X x x says

    I’m so happy you posted this video!!! I love seeing what you eat for healthy balanced ideas❤️❤️❤️

  41. Jane D'Angelo says

    Thyme is pronounced just like the word "time" – no "th" sound

  42. Christina T says

    Not a surprised you get hungry after your breakfast and lemon water

  43. julia guimaraes says

    where's the white crop from?

  44. Joslyn Woodard says

    I do highly recommend getting a knife sharpener so that your knife lasts longer and stays sharp. I sharpen mine once every week. Love you and your videos😘❤️

  45. Shannon Weir says

    I am so glad to see more food and flavour into her dishes now! also flax seed is better in oil form, the seeds can be hard to break down in the body so you lose out on the benefits.

  46. dancestar722 says

    anyone know where her top in the thumbnail is from?

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