What's inside a Wilson X Basketball?


We CUT OPEN the World’s Smartest Basketball!
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Want to see a Hydrodipped basketball?

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Filmed in 4k on this camera:

WARNING: Cutting open items can be dangerous. We do not recommend you try what we do! Only do things the we do in our videos IF you are assisted by a qualified adult under proper safety measures. Always think ahead, and remember that any project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. Remember our motto “We cut things open so you don’t have to.” so we do not recommend you try anything we do.
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  1. What's Inside? says

    That ball was cool! We want to send someone the signed ball we used, here is the info: https://gleam.io/competitions/S7qly-wilson-x-basketball-with-eb-j

  2. Armandeep Singh says

    I was expecting jelly YOU HAVE JUST WASTED MY TIME

  3. CarSENDIT says

    It’s air what did u expect

  4. Krishan chand Sarta says

    6:47 no basket ball court was harmed in making of this video

  5. Oh, Beans? says

    i have never been more disappointed

  6. Hieu Nguyen says

    Don’t brack everything

  7. Tony Butler says

    i know i’m a bit late but what if it’s powered by kinetic energy, how a crank flashlight works but hitting the floor, backboard etc

  8. Dawn Oneil says


  9. napoli says

    mens best friend on a island

  10. アレクストゥ says

    it takes you 5Mins to cut it


    Who’s here after the news for the NBA ?

  12. The Ratman says

    I don't know, maybe air?

  13. analog city says

    Who else wanted a cast away reference?

  14. Wilson x Barber says

    My names Wilson

  15. 20k Subscribers without video challenge says

    Answer: Air

  16. VeryUnCoolPerson says


  17. Isaac Lee says

    I want a basket ball.

  18. Omar Al hawary says

    95% talking random $#!+
    2% realizing air is in a basketball
    3% playing with a slimy battery

  19. Wyatt Perkes says

    Do the Wilson x football

  20. Alex Brooks says


  21. Not_Sweaty says


  22. RETR0 B4LLER says

    This is painful to watch if your a baller like me

  23. Steven Salgado says

    Rip Kobe

  24. KDM says

    Bruh the fact that you’re surprised when it has some sort of chip in there recording what the ball does pisses me off.

  25. Jack Cartwright says


  26. Mamie Tatum says

    Be h

  27. Michael Littlejohn says


  28. ICEE says

    Are you Mormon?

  29. Gurtej Sandhu says

    They only showed the ones Lincoln made

  30. David Miller says

    Wow that kid sucks

  31. William Stanosheck says

    In Texas it doesn’t work

  32. magthegoat says

    7:15 that what your mom said when she munched on a scrumptious snack

  33. Adil Bhatti says

    Bro I serious

  34. buffinsracked says

    You should just use the app homecourt

  35. benlovesrice says

    What is the app called

  36. wild_fire528 T says


  37. Maximos 09 says

    Short answer: air

    Long answer: this video

  38. RealScrhuff says

    I honestly thought a leprechaun would come out

  39. MrJeep75 says


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