Who Would Win a Race between Tyreek Hill & Marquise Goodwin?


Tyreek Hill vs. Marquise Goodwin RACE, but its in Madden

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Tyreek Hill vs. Marquise Goodwin Race

Welcome to my Madden NFL 21 Experiment Gameplay walkthrough / playthrough series. In my Madden 21 Experiment series, we will be testing numerous things within the game throughout the year, seeing what crazy results and crazy things we will find within Madden 21 and its franchise mode. Today, we see would would win in Tyreek Hill vs. Marquise Goodwin RACE, but its in Madden

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  1. RBT says

    sorry i snapped my 30 day upload streak yesterday i was poopin too much :/ ate too much CORN :/

  2. Bentlei Diaz says

    Tom Brady vs tyreek hill 100% tom is winning mwhahahaha

  3. Nathaniel Garrett says

    Tyreek hill was a great 200m runner so he should have at least 95 stamina

  4. SFN_DaBoii says

    If I win can I get a ps4 madden 21

  5. Corwin Snyder says

    On the forty trTyreek started at a stand still and marquise had a running startSo basically u messed up the science part

  6. Brenden Hebert says

    I timed them and he cheated Tyreek. Goodwins times were accurate but Tyreeks times were wrong.

  7. Christopher Jones Jr. says

    Video idea: can all the bird football teams win a super bowl and rbt use the rosters from 2021

  8. Sawz Jay says

    Tyreek is faster

  9. Mario Martinez says

    You should try just having them both do streak routes from the 40

  10. Bryce Cunningham says

    #CORNSQAUD also plz sub to me i do madden content sometimes 2 uploads tomorrow

  11. white lightning says

    All he did was hold the right trigger on replay mode that's the only reason Goodwin went faster than hill

  12. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says

    1:17 unbelievable

  13. Edward Ginty says

    bruh u wasted all of tyreeks stamina

  14. Iamreallytwiggy TV says

    just put them both on streaks and go to the goal line

  15. The sister gang Mir says

    Tyrek hill won 40 yard dash, Goodwin was off of burst , tyrek was flat footed wid inna 4 point stance fr 😂😂

  16. D Double A agent says

    Idc he’s not faster than tyreek😒

  17. Pluto WRLD999 says

    Day 3 of asking RBT to bring back the rejects for Madden 21

  18. CinnamonJared says

    Day 70 of just saying “Yes”Yes

  19. Kingston Blue says

    Nobody:RBT: Hudi fugo dago

  20. Zack Thomas says

    Just run a Hail Mary and see who gets to a certain yard marker first 😐

  21. Goggle The safari says

    Let me save you sometime rbt

  22. Mason Mulcock says

    Please add the Washington FOOTBALL TEAM to the intro

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