Why Android Is Better Than iOS


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I recently made a video titled “why iOS is better than Android” and I was really happy with your guys’ response. I honestly expected a lot of backlash and hate and a really ugly comment section, but that wasn’t the case at all, and I really do appreciate that. Now at the beginning of that video I told you guys I would eventually create a followup video for Android fans and I’m happy to be delivering on that promise today, despite some healthy skepticism from the comment section. So in this video we’re going to explore the strengths Android and find out what makes it better than iOS.

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  1. Neel Sharma says

    where my custom rom bros at

  2. M. Arbah Binamin says

    Why are we even still talking about this in 2020?

  3. Ady Wijaya says

    Android : DemocracyIOS : Communism

  4. HAWXLEADER says

    Technically jailbreaking IS rooting but with a different name.Both means to gain admin access to the operating system.BTW rooting is not required to change ROMs even though people think it is needed.(you only need an open bootloader)

  5. Corey Sturgeon says

    If you also looks at mkbhd’s video Apple has said they will expand the default app customization eventually

  6. Corey Sturgeon says

    When you didn’t realize a sponsor even was in the video lol

  7. Yogesh Joshi says

    Watching the video and I am in mid of the video. So I am expecting that you will end the video by saying that still iOS is better than android. Though I am android user since my first phone. But planning to shift to iOS in near future

  8. Pixel Cat TV says

    Stream “ios” by lovelypeaches “if you ain’t got an iphone watch a doin”

  9. Felix Martinez says

    The only thing that I got from this video is customization.

  10. Albin says

    Whoever wins the operating system war will either be android becoming more centralized or iOS becoming more customizable

  11. Josiah Stearns says

    Took me 12 years to come to that conclusion. Spent 7 years thinking that Apple is the best and that Android is weak and that their fans don't know what they're missing.Spent the following 5 years despising Apple for their rigid thinking, overpriced products, arrogant fans (of which I once was), and the lack of keeping up with all Android had to offer. And a year ago I started to see and understand both sides of each respective OS – accepting that both have strengths and weaknesses and that each user has their preferences and reasons why they stick with a certain OS. Now, I still use Android as my daily driver and still think Applei more expensive than SOME android companies and they tend to take their time on offering new features. BUT I did test out the iPhone SE2 for a month and definitely enjoyed the phone as well as the series 5 watch. Unfortunately that small battery didn't justify keeping it passed the return policy.But I'm definitely keeping an eye on both sides of the competition and what each has to offer with each sequential update/upgrade

  12. オーディン says

    I really hate my ipad but i need it for school my old one broke for no reason, i really want to use my old samsung tablet but school doesn’t let me!!

  13. WooferJr says

    And that's why it's hard to convince android users (me included) to switch to iOS because of the limitations and restrictions.But in the other hand iOS users tend to switch to Android for a more diverse experience.

  14. kun winni says

    Linus Tech Tips take note on the best ad transition in youtube.

  15. Akin Turhan says

    For smartphones I will always get a Samsung Galaxy Note Series phone, I just love all the S Pen remote, now called air command for some reason, but yeah for my Desktop/Laptop OS it will be Windows based, I do not know why people are still saying XP was the best Windows, when Windows 10 is the best Windows, but I do plan on buying SE and just not activating it so I have more experience just learning iOS so I can troubleshoot and fix peoples iOS devices like I do with Android and Windows devices

  16. Aasif Jawaid says

    Android is for smart people,Apple is for ******. 😂

  17. Marc Vroegh says

    Actually im An Android user and i dont really think android is much better than iOS but the problem is iPhone se Just looks really outdated and even the iPhone 11 Pro looks kinda outdaded in comparison with some android phone

  18. SquirrelGamer says

    In the end, the choice is yours…You shouldn't make fun of someone because of their opinions. That's fucked

  19. Remco Wolters says

    What a privilege to live in a world with so many choices….IOSorAndroid

  20. Nugget YT6 says

    While I don’t agree, iOS all the way, I respect you too much to dislike the video and I feel like I gotta like it 🙂

  21. jed says

    Android will always have a special place in my heart bc i just cant afford apple lmao. Ive tried a number of android phones already and they just exceed expectations anyway esp with all the very recent and convenient upgrades going on around. Even with android, ive already done so many useful stuff daily. Contentment is the key lol

  22. Ravi Kumar says

    iOS is better than android not the other way around

  23. SPC-Randolph 8472 says

    Android sucks!

  24. Dom B. says

    I was an iphone user. Now i'm an android user and i agree with most of what he said.For me iphone is just for social status these days. With android you have all the freedom in the wolrd

  25. Shawn Murphy says

    I'm sticking to jailbroken iOS

  26. Our World says

    I have a usd 214 android phone which havequad camera including 64mp primary sensor 6.5 inch super AMOLED screenin display fingerprint sensor 4000 mAh battery with 20watt fast charginggorilla glass both front and back 6.91.9% Screen To Body Ratio 3 years guarantee software updatealso 3.5 mm headphone jack. dedicated microSD card slot, Bluetooth and lot more what your so called 1000usd iPhone have????????

  27. Our World says

    apple- I'm the decider you pay money by selling your kidney , heart, liver etc.android- you are the decider don't think about money just tell your choice.

  28. Daniyal Ahmed says

    Biggest advantage of android is the prices of a decent phone and then the customizabillity. These two are biggest on which a person decides to buy a android.

  29. Rubii Pigeon says

    The first iPhone I used was an iPhone 3g and it was okay. I felt restricted so I moved to android and have been there for the longest time. HOWEVER, iOS 14 is looking really tempting and I do really want an excuse to try either the iPhone 11 Pro out or wait a little longer for the 12 Pro that is to come out sometime this fall. I also was to be able to try using the Apple Watch with it as I've come to love using a smart watch in tow with my Android phone (Right now it's the OnePlus 7T Pro sheerly for the incredible display with no notch.) of choice. I used to have a stupid petty hatred for Apple but more recently I've been becoming more open to actually giving iPhones another shot as I did use the 4 and did actually like it quite a bit before I got a competent android phone that I fell in love with. (Pixel 2XL) There's a lot of features that I hope to explore on the iOS side of things when I do get an iphone, whether I decide to wait or just go grab the 11 Pro tomorrow.I have small hands and I keep getting big phones, I'm starting to annoy myself lol.

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