Why Android Tablets Failed


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Today, when most people hear the word ‘tablet,’ they immediately think ‘iPad.’ In fact, Apple has held such a dominate position for so long that it’s easy to forget what the tablet market looked like before the iPad’s release. But that isn’t the case when it comes to smartphones. Although the iPhone has been very successful, Google was able to overtake Apple in smartphone marketshare back in 2010, and today Android dominates the global market. So why did Google fail to replicate their smartphone success with tablets? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to find out.

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  1. Rob827 says

    Because, as the haters say, Apple users are brainless. More like they themselves are brainless.

  2. Michael Mayo says

    WTF? I love my Galaxy tablet. Runs fast, great picture, great sound, I can use all my Android apps and I'm not paying for Apple's sjw posturing.

  3. Juan Manuel Martinez says

    Watching on my Galaxy tab 10 lol

  4. TheLostOne 172 says

    When I think tablet I think fire 10 hd 2019. Anyways have a nice day.

  5. internet shenanigans says

    Failed? I haven’t even SEEN a apple tablet in years!

  6. Zizzy says

    I’m watching this on ipad 6

  7. JoPhi GURU says

    I like Apple Desktops and Laptops, but I don't like the iPad. I got one and was shocked. No access to the file system. Is this now different?Even on Android 2.1, I was able to move and copy files between folders on the device.I never regretted to use Android Tablets, independently from the price point.

  8. Chriss 144 says

    Who tf said they failed,i've just bought my third android tablet,so go away

  9. Liam Taylor says

    Well that's arrogant saying they've failed. Oh you said that to get people to watch it didn't you? Later on you say why they failed…to get much traction 😑. Well Huawei's tablets do such but Samsung is about to come out with an ipad killer in 2 weeks…does Google make tablets?

  10. Mattia Cannarella says

    Don't forget S5e pad

  11. Thu Hiền Lê says

    But then there’re Samsung, Microsoft, Google and Huawei

  12. Uthman Baksh says

    After using an Android tablet that broke 2 months later, I can say I'm glad those things are no more.

  13. Ayden Holton Vlogs says

    I hate how some AX videos are pretty much racist towards people who don't live in the Apple ecosystem and makes me wonder if Apple is secretly sponsoring his videos somehow…

  14. Ayden Holton Vlogs says

    OK, s'pose i better get a job, never gonna afford a $550 iPad at this rate lol

  15. it's a Bully says

    they're no longer called ipads or tabletsthey're called, HUGE PHONES!

  16. Dan Syrotynsky says

    I owned nexus in early 2013 and… it was great experience! I don’t remember facing the problem of poorly optimised apps!The only problem was performance of device which started dramatically degradate with android upgradesUsing it for android 5 was nightmare…I believe the real reason is because tablets generally failed compared to phones.People who can afford tablet would probably buy iPad.But most people just don’t need tablets. I’m personally watching this vid from my iPhone XS .

  17. Uve Narbulis says

    Isn't Samsung galaxy tab s6 batter than iPad because it runs android

  18. Albie Taylor says

    watching this on a kindle fire lmao

  19. Big Fat Freetard says

    until jailbreaking is easy as getting root and unlocking the bootloader on my mi pad, iPad will always be just a toy to me. I tried so hard to like it too.

  20. Tito Das says

    Watching on my Amazon fire 7…. For $50 it's awesome

  21. Vimal Ramachandran says

    You didn't mention that the tablet market itself shrunk over the years owing to the ever-increasing display size of smartphones and longer update cycles. This further caused Google to lose interest in tablets.

  22. Craig Hunter says

    Utter bullshit

  23. Chaitanya Pendse says

    Watching this on a ipad

  24. Donutina Sprinkles says

    Most of the people in the comments:“Watching this on my Andriod Tablet, Lol,”Me:•Watching this on my iPad 4•

  25. Ten Minute Tokyo 2 says

    Everything before Android 10 is crap. And they are all underpowered.

  26. Sia's Paradise シ says

    My android tblet sucks and its touch screen is so frickin tablet

  27. Geoffrey says

    Fabricated storage made by Apple

  28. DJDa9L says

    I think many just don't see what they are for.. Its just a phone with a larger screen?

  29. 岩下拓幹 says

    The only good tablet that is android(it can use google play store ) is the low cost Amazon Fire.

  30. James Eden says

    I had a couple Android tablets.. a Nexus 7 that was cool for internet and Netflix until it got stepped on and later, a 10" RCA tablet that I bought for $80 from Walmart with a keyboard.. it was like a laptop with removable screen. I used it to do some dark web browsing but forgot about it soon enough.. ended up giving it to a guy in my building who still regularly uses it to stream video.

  31. Derf ? says

    Lmao, i still use the nexus 7 tablet and its great, its comfy to hold and i have no problem with it

  32. Jared Mars says

    Android spends half as much cuz they can pirate apps.

  33. TickRate says

    I have a shitty Samsung tablet, can’t even use it without it lagging

  34. Allison says

    1:17 is that the TC-1100?

  35. Kyle says

    I still use a kindle fire HD (first gen) the only problem with it is the battery indicator is utterly broken. after about 5 minutes after unplugging it the battery will say 0% and stay that way for hours until it dies

  36. Da master says

    I like apple the most, I feel really sad for Android 🤭😧

  37. Sandeep Unni says

    Short answer: their shit

  38. Golgo 13 says

    its fair to say samsung tabs are garbage.all except the s6.

  39. Gowtham V says

    They are all same apps when it comes to the functionality but the UI is not optimized for android tablets because of android tablets not selling as much as iPads developers don't want to spend money on optimizing for android tablets.

  40. Oran McGowan says

    Me whaching this on a Samsung tablet like 👁👄👁

  41. Kamerton Audiophile player says

    Never tried Windows tablet, but use Android daily. Good video though.

  42. Nhloso Khumalo says

    Paperlike's sound is so satisfying

  43. Rajkumar Bharathi says

    Microsoft surface range is the best tablet I think. It does everything a pc does with portability of laptops.

  44. Kasaram Muktheshwara says

    DO READ BEFORE TAKING A DECISION.HEY GUYS!I have purchased Apples ipad 9.7 inch last year in November and my friend got a tab s6 lite recently. I borrowed it from HIM just to compare the both and here is what I found. ( Note – this is completely an unbiased review and based on true user experience)1. Display – the Samsung tablet definitely has an edge here. It has thinner bezels than the ipad 9.7 inch and a better laminated display. Overall both have great colors but the Samsung tab is a tad better.2. Battery – even though the Samsung tablet has a bigger battery , in my testing both had the same battery life with thr Samsung tab beating it some times. But both are GREAT to be honest.3. Performance and multitasking – even though Samsung has a recent chipset as compared to IPAD . IT IS NO MATCH TO IPAD . IPAD IS VERY VERY VERY SMOOTH . It can play any game you throw at it . The same is not true with the Samsung tab. It is INCONSISTENT. LAGS SOMETIMES AND EVEN HAS SOME MAJOR FRAME DROPS. hence iPad is a clear winner here.OS / SOFTWARE : personally I think IOS is better here. Better privacy , the best UPDATES . I mean it is 3 years old from launch and has the latest ipad OS update. Hats off to that. But I don't think samsung will give any major updates after 6 months. So iPad is the clear winner.So if you ask me , iPad is way better of an investment than the Samsung tab. But if you want to use a tab just for a year or so like new and then switch or only use a tab for multimedia I think the Samsung tab is better. BUT THE IPAD IS A FUTURE PROOF option .Regards.

  45. ?????? says

    Lol watching this on my iPad Pro 3rd gen I love this iPad bought it first day and has been using it ever since

  46. sophy okoth says

    and it is the best android tablet.

  47. sophy okoth says

    the tab s6 has a s pen

  48. sophy okoth says


  49. RWL2012 says

    I have an Android phone but an iPad 🙂

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