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A trip to one of the world’s most extreme environments is one you’ll never forget. Today on MojoTravels, we’re discussing Why You Need to Travel to Antarctica. For this list, we’ll be taking at some of the most compelling arguments as to why you should be adding the frozen continent to your bucket list, by highlighting what makes this such a unique experience, start to finish.

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  1. MojoTravels says

    Is this astonishing continent on your bucket list?

  2. Levi Stokes says

    I have a goal in life to visit all 7 continents. And Antarctica is no exception. Very beautiful landscape one of the most beautiful and remote places on earth. I would love to travel there if it doesn’t melt by the time I get there. This planet is beautiful and some people don’t even realize. We are not separate from nature we are a part of it.

  3. TK McEachin says

    This is on my bucket list already!

  4. Ewelina Kociolek says

    Me to

  5. TheFlatEarthChannel.com says

    It’s the end of the world because the earth is flat with ends to it. There is no end to a globe

  6. Erc Dors says

    Better leave Antarctica alone. Another continent waiting to be destroyed by humans.

  7. sreekanth srk says

    Great video 👍 👍

  8. Darian Basaldua says

    So how much of the continent are you allowed to explore? This can finally put the flat Earth debate to rest once and for all! So for those that have been… Is there really an endless ice wall? Can planes fly from South America over Antarctica to Africa yet?? So curious!

  9. Shoaib Rashed says

    I want to visit Antarctica 😍😍😍

  10. Darius Dalton says

    Background music?

  11. Bitcoin Ninja says

    America can't wait to declare their democracy in Antarctica once oil is found.

  12. Alexander James says

    Shame on you for promoting tourism to Antarctica so that pollution can reach there as well and accelerate the melting ice capes and global warming. Shame!

  13. Arunkumar m.m says

    Hi I am from India I like to visit Antarctica

  14. Beccy Neville says

    You won't see the night sky as its daylight in Antarctica for 6 months straight which is the only time you can travel there.

  15. Domen Cergolj says

    No money no antartica

  16. SmashEX Entertainment says

    But the FlatEarthers say there's a military and armed penguins who will shoot you down if you come close. And can you also see the dome? The edge of the world?
    The price for the pleasure is over $10K, so I'll press pause on that for now.

  17. Felipe's Adventures says

    It seems pretty chill there

  18. Pratha Jain says

    Will sure do so.. if Mojo travels kindly gives me $50000 to do so… 🙂

  19. Foxyccc 13 says

    proudly too expensive

  20. JoaniMaster says

    That is the perfect place to take a heroic dose of mushrooms! That would be a one in a life time experience

  21. RichardSpears1 says

    We should probably stay away from Antartica. We’d all ruin that too like we’ve done to the rest of the world

  22. Jorge Olandes Flores says

    quien va a ir este 2020?

  23. Thijs Wienholts says

    Any idea how much it would cost?

  24. Mike Lim says

    I’d love to go. It’s the only continent I haven’t been but it’s too expensive $$$$.

  25. Once Upon A Table says

    So beautiful! It looks very peaceful there. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Maybe will get to travel there one day.

  26. Madhu V says

    MojoTravels: make videos encouraging people travel to beautiful and remote places.

    Also MojoTravels: make videos about how over tourism spoils beauty of these places!

  27. MonsterMode2011 says

    MojoTravels: “Visit Antarctica!”

    Me: “Bitch, how”

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