1. Bobbu Chan says

    nonce sense

  2. That One Guy says

    Is it just me or does the AVGN intro song sound similar to JewWario's?

  3. MrPizzaslice says


  4. Chris Boring says

    This guy looks dead tired, hope he went for a long sleep after this.

  5. taitaisanchez says

    RIP Bro 🙁

  6. InfernosReaper says

    The best part is, you totally could use it to make backups of your media


    he was the only jew i liked

  8. Art Cutor says

    I know its late but r.i.p

  9. YoshiHunt says

    R.I.P JewWario

  10. Thu Ha Nguyen says

    R.I.P Jew Mario i got know him abit late… Sorry Jey Sorry!

  11. Cole Birk says

    Your videos always made my day, RIP Jew Wario

  12. Pavan Obhan says

    RIP 🙁



  14. lynx cat lover says

    He is gone but not forgotten. R.I.P J.warrio

  15. Hunter VS says

    One thing that bothers me is on the art it depicts the Doctor as having a 5.25 floppy disk drive when it has 3.50 drives

  16. Hunter Beauvais says

    can you do more videos it's been a year

  17. The Ultimate gamer /snail says

    R..I.P J. Wario

  18. Elliot Hobbs says

    Personal favourite video.Its the video I remember him by as he didn't seem to be suffering then and it's nice to remember what he was like until he passed. R.I.P

  19. Pertlight The Animator says

    Rest in peace man, you were a great person and im sure that you enjoyed doing these videos with us to be here with you.

  20. Kyle Rampaul says


  21. Azureth says

    360 likeson and ripperoni

  22. Paul Green says


  23. Thomas Centers says

    R.I.P. Jew Wario

  24. Vinny Raptor says

    That ending was funny

  25. Vinny Raptor says

    RIP 🙁

  26. RickTheRickRick says

    Rip Jew wario

  27. The Denmeister says

    I know that this may seem a little rude but, where could I find some? This was the first video that got me hooked on him so, I feel I have to get one. It would be a great way for me to show respect to him in my opinion. Thanks for taking the time and all I have to say is this: "Rest In Peace old buddy."

  28. Poorly Playing Retro says

    Great video! A cousin of mine had one of these back in like, 1992. I was only 11 at the time and couldn't believe there was such a device and that you could get free games. Funny to look back on that when now days you can pirate, pretty much, anything if you go look online. Back then, this was quite the rarity to most gamers.

  29. Mr. Moo Moo says

    Yo JewWario I'm dead glad I found your videos they blow my mind!

  30. The Revanchist says

    Growing up I never had an SNES… I feel like I really missed out. I always had to go to a friend's house to play Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country.

  31. IrenicusPalace says

    Waching some of your videos again, you are missed, RIP.

  32. L.J. Nguyen says

    R.I.P. JewWario. You are an amazing guy!

  33. Danny Cottrell says


  34. josef733 says

    Fuck Nintendo and thier Region bullshit!

  35. tech pony choices Truth says

    rest in peace justin…rest in peace

  36. Frank C says

    Rest in peace my friend.

  37. Erebos says

    Nice Video.Sad that he is gone… 🙁

  38. Dustin Ramsey says

    Why is everyone saying RIP jewwario?

  39. Vank Guitar says

    Rest in peace

  40. Crixus13 says

    saddens me that i never watched his stuff really good addicted to the ycpt series i sub because he was no is a great person and did really good videos thanks for all you did jew wario R I P 

  41. SpaceDogeIsGod says

    Rest in peace

  42. picsou081 says


  43. TheViralVirus says

    rip jewwario

  44. dumptuck says

    My personal favorite JewWario video. Thanks.

  45. grkpektis says

    RIP Jewwario.  Also that thing saved me so much money on SNES games back in the day this was a great nostalgia trip.

  46. Drewbe _ says

    Rest in peace, good sir…

  47. kumuhmuh says

    Man, I feel really bad for not subscribing to this guy before, or even watching his videos. Is it wrong if I subscribe now?If JW is somehow able to read this comment from beyond the beyond, let me just say that I'm extremely sorry things got this bad in his life. Best of luck to your family, and rest in peace.

  48. Nameless says


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