Youngsters Who SHOULD Be Wonderkids in Football Manager 2021 | Potential FM21 Superstars


With Football Manager 2021 soon approaching, I (RDF) decided to do some research and look for the current top young talents around world football currently. These talents could then potentially be top signings for Football Manager 2021 when released. I managed to get around 30 names which then I had to cut down to 10. If you would like to see more, or even great u16s players, you can always suggest so in the comments!

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  1. FM Scout says


    Thank you guys – RDF

  2. david white says

    i would expect leon king of rangers (sco) to be highly hunted in FM21

  3. bobi7 tanevski says

    LORD JESUS IS ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN ❤️ (Isaiah 53) ! ID 2020 (Vaccine) Is The Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13 : 16-18) ! Be Ready .

  4. ahmed mazeed says

    More more more please. Great video. Can't wait for fm21.

  5. Chepachem says

    Love you rdf

  6. Ketsura says

    I actually know Buksa from FM2020, he spent 4 year as my backup striker in my Sunderland save, until I sold him to Fulham.

  7. MrPineappleHero says

    Isak Hansen-Aarøen is a good talent at United.

  8. Faustyczny Ikar says

    You shouldn't say WIsla Cracovia RDF. Cracovia is the biggest rival of Wisla from the city of Krakow 😉 So – Wisla Krakow (Cracow), but not Cracovia 😉

  9. Christopher Cregan says

    Could see Caleb Chuckwuemeka from Northampton being a wonderkid
    Lots of prem teams trying to sign him. Could be a nice cheap wonderkid

  10. GianManuel86 says

    I tried Sesko in one save in Poland. I bought him when he was 18 years old and was pretty good for the Polish League. At 21 i sold him to Brighton for 11 million

  11. WA5T3D Y0UTH says

    moukoko will be the one shining above them all

  12. mario rossi says


  13. Leon G says

    Yousuffa Moukoukou is missing he's destroying all youth levels and the bundesliga even consider changing their lowest starter age to 16 so that he can start this season.

    He's also on Dortmunds b list for the CL

  14. Jake Cooper says

    Top vid as always mate! – Jake

  15. Rob Rob says

    Im still on fmh 2013 android. Its great

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